Residential Collections


You can subscribe to a trash collection service from Recology Del Norte. After you have subscribed to residential can collection for 90 days, you become eligible for a free spring cleanup and two free collections per year of bulky items such as couches, mattresses, large appliances, and refrigerators. Under this program a refrigerator counts as two bulky items.

All residential customers, including all apartment complexes, mobile home parks, condominiums, and hotels which have subscribed for trash collection services through Recology Del Norte also receive recycling collection services at no extra charge.

Residential Recycling Collections

The following materials can be recycled in either the community drop-off bins or through Recology Del Norte’s recycling collection services:

  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Cereal boxes, Paper egg cartons, Paperboard beverage totes, Toilet paper rolls
  • Plastic containers (#1-#7, no lids)
  • Glass Bottles and Jars (no lids)
  • Metal Cans, Pie Tins & Empty Aerosol Cans
  • Balled Aluminum foil
  • Bagged plastic bags and bubble wrap
  • Bagged styrofoam block
  • Bagged foam packing peanuts
  • Bagged opened mail
  • Bagged shredded paper

There are three options available to recycle from home:

1. Self-haul to one of the community drop-off locations

2. Curbside recycling is free if you sign up for residential trash collection. Recology Del Norte will Provide a cart and pick up recyclables from your house – and you can get a larger recycling cart for no additional charge.    You can sign up for a curbside recycling cart for a fee even if you do not subscribe for trash collection service by calling 464-4181.

3. Call G.H. Outreach at 464-5089, G.H. Outreach will schedule a crew to come to anyone and pickup anything recyclable for $20.00 per collection.


Commercial Recycling & Trash Collection


Recology Del Norte also offers commercial collection services including cart service, dumpsters, temporary bins, and compactor bins.   Customers signing up for commercial cart service get recyclables collections for no additional charge.   Commercial recycling bins for corrugated cardboard or office paper are also available for a reduced fee. For more information or to sign up for service, call 464-4181.

G.H. Outreach also offers collection from businesses: call them at 464-5089 for more information.


Hauling, Roofing, and Landscaping Companies

In addition to roofing companies and landscapers who will frequently include hauling and disposal as part of their services, several commercial businesses offer cleanup and hauling services for loose materials within Del Norte County.     Under the Authority’s Solid Waste and Recycling Responsibility Ordinance, property owners remain responsible for all materials coming from their properties.  Customers of such businesses should demand receipts proving each and every load of their materials were properly disposed at the Del Norte County Transfer Station.

It is not legal for any business other than Recology Del Norte to regularly collect trash in a container for a fee from any property in Del Norte County.


Self Haul


For those who like to haul their own trash or just have more than the curbside service will allow, you can haul it to the Del Norte County Transfer Station yourself.  The Del Norte County Transfer Station, Gasquet Transfer Station and Klamath Transfer Station accept residential and commercial recyclables and trash.  Prices and hours are posted at each location and are also available at 465-1100.

The Del Norte County Transfer Station also accepts the following materials for a reduced rate compared to mixed trash: Grass & leaves, Brush, Non-ferrous metals, Mixed metals,  Concrete (no rebar, <18″), Asphalt, and Soils.



Options for brush disposal to Del Norte County residents:

1. Take your brush to the Del Norte County Transfer Station at a lower price than your household garbage.  Click here for more information;

2. Call Recology Del Norte at 464-4181 to sign up for a brush collection cart or bin to be collected weekly from your home or business.

3.  Just after the winter holidays, The Del Norte County Transfer Station and Hambro Forest Products receive Holiday trees at no charge. Please remove tinsel, ornaments and metal stands (flocking OK).  Recology Del Norte (464-4181) will also collect Holiday Trees as a bulky item from their residential customers.

4. Save time and money by mulching or composting your yard waste on your own property.

5. Commercial landscape and hauling companies frequently will also haul away your brush and yard debris as part of their services.  Customers should be sure to ask for a receipt to confirm that their brush was properly disposed at an appropriately permitted facility.