Who We Are
The Board of Commissioners The Authority Board is comprised of two members from the Crescent City Council, two members of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors and one other public member, elected by the other four. Each member is appointed annually, except for the public member who serves a four year term.
Starting May 2013, the Authority Board includes:

  • Commissioner Ron Gastineau (City Councilmember)
  • Commissioner Richard Holley (City Councilmember)
  • Commissioner Michael Sullivan (County Supervisor)
  • Commissioner Roger Gitlin (County Supervisor)
  • Public Member: Mary Wilson
  • Alternate Commissioner Richard Enea (City Councilmember)


  • Treasurer/Controller : Rich Taylor
  • Legal Counsel: Martha Rice
Who is on staff?

  • Tedd Ward M.S., Acting Director / Program Manager
  • Lisa Babcock, Acting Administrative Assistant

Gate Attendants

  • Chuck Steel
  • Rita Schmitt
  • Keith Estes
  • Erika Seminoff
  • Katherine Brewer
  • Rose Reppond
When & where does the Board meet? The Authority generally meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Board of Supervisor’s Chambers (981 H Street, Suite 100, Crescent City) starting at 3:30 P.M. Call the Authority office at 465-1100 to confirm meeting times and locations.The North Coast Recycling Market Development Zone includes Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, and within this zone, technical assistance and low interest loans are available to assist eligible businesses planning to use new or additional recycled materials in their manufacturing or packaging.  More information on this program is available here.Contact the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority