Disposal Facilities

For more information about any solid waste, recycling, or composting facility or program in Del Norte County, call 465-1100.

Note that all these facilities are closed on these holidays:
New Year’s Day (January 1), Easter (March 27), July 4th, Labor Day (September 5th), Memorial Day (May 30), Thanksgiving (November 24) & Christmas (December 25).  Also, if any of these holidays fall on a weekday, collections will be delayed by one day during that week. 

1.          The Del Norte County Transfer Station
1700 State Street
Crescent City, CA 95531

The Del Norte County Transfer Station is located off Elk Valley Road at 1700 State Street. Turn northeast onto Elk Valley Road from Highway 101, and after about a mile, take a right just before the sign for the ‘Del Norte County Transfer Station and Resource Recovery Park.’ The sign is mounted on a salmon-colored cement wall. Take a right off Elk Valley Road, and take a left at the end of the paved road. All customers are to enter the facility over the scales.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Saturday & Sunday:   9 AM – 5 PM


Del Norte County Transfer Station at 1700 State Street, Crescent City, CA

2.          The Klamath Transfer Station

Directions to the Klamath Small-Volume Transfer Station
From Highway 101, just south of the Klamath River, take Klamath Beach road west towards the ocean.  After about a mile, on your left you will see a gate and signs in front of the road to access the Klamath Transfer Station.

The Klamath Transfer Station includes a community drop-off bin for multi-material recycling for no charge.

Reduced disposal rates for separated metals or brush are not available at the Klamath Transfer Station.

Hours of Operation
July – September: Sunday, Wednesday and Fridays, 10AM – 4 PM
October – June: Wednesdays and Sundays, 10 AM – 4 PM



3.       The Gasquet Transfer Station

From Highway 199 heading east, take a left onto the Middle Fork Gasquet Road.   Take your third right onto Gasquet Flat Road, heading east.  Continue on Gasquet Flat Road to past Azalea Lane and Mountain School going uphill.  Turn right where you see a sign indicating ‘Refuse Disposal Site.’   A short distance up this road, the Gasquet Transfer Station is behind a gate on the left side.

The Gasquet Transfer Station includes a community drop-off bin for multi-material recycling for no charge.

Though the charge for disposal of separated brush at the Gasquet Transfer Station is significantly less than the rate for mixed wastes, the reduced disposal rate for separated metals is not available at the Gasquet Transfer Station.

Hours of Operation
July – September: Thursdays and Saturdays, 10AM – 4 PM
October – June: Saturdays, 10 AM – 4 PM



4.    The Crescent City Landfill

The Crescent City Landfill closed to the public in March 2005, and construction of the liner, drainage and landfill gas systems was completed in February 2006.    The landfill property is owned by the County of Del Norte and landfill monitoring, maintenance and repair activities are administered by the Authority with assistance from the County under orders from the Regional Water Quality Control Board for the North Coast Region.


Illegal Dumping

Dumping waste in any area that is not permitted as a transfer station or open landfill is illegal.  Besides being ugly, illegal dumping creates many environmental and human health threats. Every year millions of Californian’s tax dollars are spent to cleanup illegal dumpsites.

Human Health Threats

Illegal dumping is unhealthy for us and the environment. A variety of health hazards are associated with illegal dumping including: cancer, hepatitis, diseases carried by birds, mosquitoes, and rodents in contact with the trash, and increased concentrations of toxins and carcinogens in our water and local fish and seafood that we eat.

Home-Generated Sharps (HGS) 

Examples of HGSs include needles, syringes, lancets and other sharp objects. Sharps can only be disposed after they are properly contained. Proper containers with instructions are available at most pharmacies. Please do not use other containers, as they may tear or rupture during the normal trash collection and disposal process. Never place loose sharps in your trash. Please bring them properly contained to the Del Norte County Transfer Station free of charge. For more information, refer to this flyer or call 465-1100.

Environmental Threats

Del Norte County boasts a diverse geography, from coastal plains and wetlands to pristine forests and rivers. And a variety of wildlife ranging from the threatened stellar sea lions to the majestic bald eagle. Del Norte County is also home to many of this nation’s species of special concern. Illegal dumping is ugly and threatens habitat for these special creatures, contaminating the water and surrounding habitat.

The Law 

Pursuant to CA Vehicle Code 23 112A, any throwing, depositing, or dumping of anything along highways or any other unpermitted area is illegal.   Violators are subject to trash cleanup, 6 months in jail and $1000 in fines and a $1700 penalty assessment fee.


Our community has an ongoing problem with trash spilling out of trucks and trailers that are going to the Transfer Station. Littering is unsightly and adds to visual blight. California has very stringent laws against littering and requires vehicles and trailers to be leak proof and covered to prevent spilling wastes on our streets, roads and highways.

To report illegal dumping or abandoned vehicles call the Del Norte County Code Enforcement Officer at 464-7254