By following the 5R’s and composting our yard and kitchen waste, we can reduce our trash production up to 70%. Californians most of all need to reduce their wastes.  For more info on reuse, repair, and rental services in Del Norte click here.


You can reduce your trash by being selective of what you receive and buy.  Smart Shopping ideas can be found here.  For other ideas on how to reduce junk mail or the trash associated with your business, home remodeling, moving, gardening, parties, or the winter holidays, call 465-1100.


If you are choosing between two products, buy the one with the least amount of packaging or the least toxic content.

  • How much do I actually need?
  • Is there a product with less packaging?
  • Is there a product which is less toxic?


Do not buy things that can only be used once. If you won’t use it again you probably know someone who can. Buy used productswhen possible.


Some products are not reusable, but you can recycle them. Recycling takes less time than you might think. Whenever possible buy products made from recycled materials rather than products made from virgin materials. For more information on what and how to recycle, click here.
Ask yourself,”Is this product recyclable in Del Norte County?”


Some people say that if you’re not buying recycled you’re not really recycling. The last step to close the recyclign loop is to give new life to your discards. On the supply side, you can do this by donating to a charity, selling at a garage sale, or giving to a neighbor. On the demand side, you can also close the loop by buying recycled products.



Did You Know?

In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times his or her own adult weight in garbage. If you add it up, this means that a 150 pound adult will leave a legacy of 90,000 pounds of trash for his or her children.Packaging contributes 30% of the weight and 50% of the volume of all household waste. One dollar out of every $11 Americans spend on food goes to packaging.